Tonsillitis is a disease that affects people’s throats. The disease presents simple sore throats, as it is caused by the action of bacteria, viruses or both at the same time.

To be diagnosed with this problem, the patient must have the following symptoms: discomfort in the throat, difficulty in swallowing even saliva, loss of appetite and, in extreme cases, the doctor may see pus in the tonsils.

It is important that the individual sees a doctor as soon as he feels the first signs. The treatment given by the doctor can be intensified with other parallels and natural ones that you check here.

However, before taking the initiative, ask the specialist if there is a problem.

Tea recipes to treat tonsillitis

1. Ginger tea

The tea made with ginger has antimicrobial properties, which can help in the treatment of tonsillitis caused by the action of bacteria.

The way to prepare this tea is very simple, but it is necessary to use other ingredients besides this root. Use a cup of filtered water, half a lemon, a teaspoon of honey and an equal proportion of powdered ginger.

Boil the water and then add the ginger. Stir a lot and add the juice of half the lemon. Keep stirring the drink, then pass it through the sieve and finish by sweetening it with the honey.

You can use the tea in two ways, drinking or gargling. In any situation, repeat the procedure three times a day. With the hot liquid as much as it can stand.

 2. Black tea

This drink has flavonoids and tannins in its composition. Combined, these two substances can alleviate cases of tonsillitis.

This is because the first element is capable of killing bacteria, so if this is the cause of the illness this tea can be very useful.

In the case of tannins, these are effective in eliminating mucus that exists behind the throat, a common condition of this health problem.

To prepare the tea, just use two tablespoons of the herb and a liter of water. First bring the liquid to a boil and after it has boiled, turn off the heat. Then add the leaves and cover the container.

Wait for up to 10 minutes to infuse, strain and serve. The ideal is to consume up to two cups a day. Remember to prefer daytime hours, so that the drink does not interfere with sleep, since it has caffeine.

3. Green tea

Like black tea, it also has flavonoids. In this way, it has a similar action when consumed. The way of preparation also follows the previous one, with the difference only in the herbs. Regarding consumption, it can be done in the same way, since green tea has caffeine in its composition.