Many women are eager to lose weight right after giving birth to their baby, but great care is needed as the body is still adapting to the normal routine and also breastfeeding. Under healthy conditions, every mother should breastfeed her child. In addition to feeding him the nutrients he needs, the act of breastfeeding helps to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important, not only for aesthetic reasons, to keep an eye on food.

Food for the new mom

During the postpartum and breastfeeding phase, it is necessary to pay greater attention to what you eat, as the nutrients will pass to the baby through breast milk. Did you know that one of the causes of colic in the baby is due to the mother’s diet? So it is necessary to cut some foods from the menu during this period.

It’s not a sure science, as what can cause colic in one baby may not cause it in another. However, some foods that tend to cause more fuss should be eliminated to avoid problems. These are beans, cabbage, onions, cow’s milk and, unfortunately for many, chocolate. These are the foods that most tend to cause gas, so it is also worth eliminating others that have this effect on the mother.

weight loss in the postpartum

Knowing that excesses are not recommended for anyone, especially during this period, the mother must practice physical activities, walking, avoiding sweets and fried foods so that the weight gained during pregnancy is lost. As mentioned earlier, breastfeeding also helps, as the body spends an average of 500 calories more in producing breast milk.

Meanwhile, some teas are allies in the mother’s weight loss and even better, they don’t harm the little ones and also increase the production of breast milk. In addition, drinking teas postpartum helps with circulation, helping to deflate the body, especially after a cesarean.

slimming teas for postpartum

milk thistle

One of the best options for new mothers is the tea from the milk thistle plant. This infusion contains silymarin, a substance that enhances the production of breast milk. With increased milk production, more calories are expended and, consequently, more weight the mother loses. To make this tea, put a teaspoon of milk thistle seeds in a cup of boiling water. Let it sit for a few minutes, strain and drink this infusion half an hour before your main meals.

Other teas suitable for breastfeeding women

  • lemongrass
  • linden
  • chamomile

Watch out!

Be aware that not all teas are suitable for breastfeeding women!

Teas suitable for non-lactating women

When producing breast milk to feed the baby, some substances should be avoided. However, when for some specific reason the mother cannot breastfeed her baby, this rule ceases to exist and the range of possibilities to use teas to lose weight increases. Caffeinated teas help speed up metabolism and burn fat, given their thermogenic effect. Among the caffeinated ones we have green tea, black tea and mate tea. Diuretic teas help to eliminate the swelling that remains in the bodies of new mothers. Rosemary, fennel, sandstone and horsetail all have this effect.

It is important to know that these drinks are not indicated when a woman is breastfeeding, as they can cause colic, insomnia and dehydration in the baby. Furthermore, they decrease natural milk production.

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