For those unfamiliar with the technique, suchá refers to a drink made with herbs and fruits. By combining two powerful liquids, it becomes an excellent way to take care of the body.

That’s because, with a glass of talá, the individual can speed up the metabolism, recharge the body with antioxidants and guarantee satiety.

Combining mint, pineapple and horsetail, these benefits mentioned above can be obtained in a peaceful and healthy way. And better, these ingredients, when combined, can enhance weight loss and even provide more health for the consumer.

Tala Benefits

The ingredients that make up this drink are the champions of the list regarding weight loss. As they are diuretics, they make life easier for those who want to be on the scales and with their own body.

Horsetail, for example, in addition to being an excellent urine stimulator, it is also considered a depurative herb, that is, it eliminates toxins and waste from the body. In addition to these qualifications, horsetail also speeds up metabolism, prevents fluid retention and, consequently, deflates the body.

It is still an herb that stands out for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Mint, in turn, becomes a powerful ally in the battle against localized fat, which is why it fits so well into this recipe.

Pineapple is an old acquaintance of those who want to eliminate fluid retention and reduce tummy, respectively. Due to its high diuretic power, the fruit is a right arm of diets. Not to mention the source of vitamins that pineapple provides, as well as aids to digestion and the type of fiber it has.

Mint, pineapple and horsetail suchá


  • A teaspoon of mackerel;
  • A slice of pineapple;
  • mint leaves;
  • 250 ml of water.

Method of preparation and consumption

First step is to put water to boil and as soon as you form the first signs that the boiling process is about to start, turn off the heat. Add the horsetail to the water. Cover the container and let it steep for approximately five minutes. Then strain the contents, place it in a covered container and take it to chill.

After the drink is very cool, place it in a blender and blend together with the mint leaves and pineapple. Strain again and serve. The ideal is to take it in the afternoon.