The appearance of dilated poles is something that bothers many people, which tends to appear mainly in those with oily skin.

Pores are types of points on the skin where secretions and hairs come out. They often open up due to increased secretion of sebum and sebaceous glands.

The pores can become dilated due to genetic factors, the loss of skin elasticity caused by age, the oiliness present on the face, excessive exposure to the sun, smoking and lack of daily care for the organ.

The lack of uniformity, pimples and a more greasy and oily appearance to the skin are some of the consequences caused by those who suffer from enlarged pores. But there is a tea recipe that can help solve this problem.

Natural treatment for enlarged pores

Some basic care such as using sunscreen, exfoliation, removing makeup before bed and having a good diet are essential steps to avoid enlarged pores.

Chamomile is an herb that will be a great ally for anyone who suffers to close pores. Prepare chamomile tea normally and place in the refrigerator.

Allow the drink to cool and when it is very cold, dip the cotton ball in the tea and apply it to the areas where the pores are more dilated. You should leave the chamomile on the skin for approximately 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

Before applying this recipe to the skin, remember to clean it.

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