The organ of the human body that is most exposed to external factors in the environment is the skin. For this reason, the epidermis can be damaged by pollution, ultraviolet rays, dry weather, etc.In addition, poorly applied beauty products can also damage the skin, as well as a bad night’s sleep and even an inadequate diet, rich in fats and other substances that facilitate the appearance of the dreaded acnes.

All these problems result in spots on the skin region that, depending on external factors, may have different colors.

For example, inadequate exposure to the sun can result in red spots, while pimples and popped blackheads can cause a darkening of the skin, as well as dark circles.

For these reasons, there are many products, which are marketed by the cosmetics market, with the objective of treating these stains.

Among these items, often expensive, there are cheap and efficient options such as teas. So, get to know two infusions that are allied to skin beauty.

Chamomile: whitens, cleans and eliminates dark circles

The  Matricaria chamomilla  or simply Chamomile is a popular plant for soothing properties, but it can also be used to treat cosmetic problems.

To do this, put a liter of water on the fire and let it boil. Then add the herb flowers and let it boil for another 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover the container and wait another 10 minutes.

If the idea is to treat blackheads and pimples, the tip is to pour the contents still hot in a basin and place a towel covering the container.

Then put your face against the towel to receive the steam from the tea. Then just pass a cotton on the face to remove the impurities that loosen from the skin when receiving the steam from the drink.

If the treatment aims to eliminate dark circles, the tea preparation should go to the refrigerator and when it is at a very cold temperature it can be used.

Just soak a cotton ball in the drink and then place it in the eye area. Allow the procedure to act for 30 minutes, then wash it off with ice water.

Green tea to lighten the skin

Green tea can be used as an antibacterial and astringent, thus protecting the skin and working to revitalize layers that have already been damaged by external factors.

Furthermore, it is an antioxidant and for this reason it acts with the intention of recovering cells and rejuvenating the skin of those who experience its properties.

To do this, it is necessary to boil a liter of water and add five tablespoons of the herb. After it boils, cover the container and wait for 10 minutes to infuse.

Then strain and moisten a cotton wool with this substance. Perform applications on the face and after finishing the procedures, wash the face with running water.