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Teas to ease cystitis symptoms

by Dianna Leon

Difficulty and constant urge to urinate; burning sensation when performing the act and pain in the lower back. These are the symptoms of cystitis , a bladder infection very common in women and children that can be caused by many different factors. The cure of the disease is only possible with medical supervision, but some teas promise to greatly reduce the pain caused by the disease.


Cystitis is the name for infectious and inflammatory diseases that affect the bladder. Among the causes of the disease we can highlight the most common type caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli , present in the intestines, which causes the disease when it affects the genitals. Women are more susceptible to cystitis due to their anatomy, so they must be very careful when drying themselves after peeing. Men over 50 should also be more careful. From that acts on, the prostate increases in size and compresses the bladder, an infection.

The infection can also be caused by Koch’s bacillus, which is called Tuberculous Cystitis, by fungi, by long-term exposure to radiotherapy treatments and by anatomical predisposition.

The symptoms are very clear: pain and burning when urinating; feeling of being “squeezed”, with a full bladder, all the time, and in some more severe cases the presence of blood in the urine is also noticed. Fever and pain in the lower back and abdomen are also noticed in cases where the disease is more intense.


During the process of seeking a cure for the disease, very simple procedures are indicated, such as the use of light clothing, which no longer compresses the pelvic region, greater care with hygiene in the region, consumption of water more frequently, in addition to the use of medicines specific for each type of infection or inflammation.

It is also important not to trap urine. Despite being very common, this practice is inadequate for health.

The consumption of some teas can also help to alleviate the symptoms of cystitis, which are quite uncomfortable.

the teas

So that the benefits of the infusions are felt quickly, it is recommended to consume three cups of the same tea daily, up to three days after the symptoms have disappeared.

Horsetail tea – In a container place a liter of previously boiled water and three tablespoons full of dried plant and chopped. Cover the container and keep the tea to rest for ten minutes and drink it without sweetening.

Grape Ursi Tea – In a pot place one liter of filtered water and two tablespoons of dried ursi herb leaves. Place the pan on the fire and turn it off as soon as the water comes to a boil. Cover the pan and wait ten minutes before straining and drinking.

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