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Teas to help treat bronchitis

by Dianna Leon

The bronchitis is a disease that acts on the respiratory system providing from inflammation of bronchial tubes that are responsible for taking air into the lungs and may appear acute or chronic way. Its duration can be days or even weeks (except in the chronic case, which can last up to two years!) and its transmission can happen through viruses or bacteria, and it can even be caused by the excessive consumption of cigarettes. Bronchitis happens when the small cilia that line the lungs stop clearing mucus from the airways, so the secretion remains in the bronchi, leaving them inflamed and contracted, so that the airways narrow and the person has difficulty breathing .

Among the most common symptoms of bronchitis, we can mention shortness of breath, dry or productive cough (in this one being accompanied by expectoration that starts clear and changes to yellowish and then greenish tones) and wheezing in the chest.

Due to the fact that it is a viral or bacterial disease, bronchitis has a self-limiting characteristic (having a deadline for the end of its duration). Therefore, there is no specific treatment , all that can be done is to alleviate the symptoms so that the individual suffers less while affected by the disease. Antibiotics can be used and there are also very effective methods within alternative medicine that promise to stop most of the symptoms of bronchitis (before doing any, always seek the help of a doctor).

Effective natural methods against bronchitis (some using teas)

  • TEA FOR BRONCHITE : Boil a spoonful of guaco leaves together with a spoonful of elderberry leaves in half a liter of water and let it stay warm. Add honey to sweeten it. Drink two cups a day.
  • Tea from the roasting fish plant  , taking 2 to 3 cups during the day.
  • GUACO SYRUP : Leave angico peels to rest in three glasses of water overnight. The next day, boil the result of the water (still with the skins) with guaco leaves for a period of twenty minutes. At the end, add brown sugar or brown sugar until the mixture has a syrupy consistency. Take a spoon four times a day and store the syrup in a dark glass.
  • PUMPKIN : Peel 50g of pumpkin seeds and grind together with 20g of bee honey. Take a spoon every time you cough.
  • WATERCRESS : Knead watercress until it becomes a dough. Strain the juice into a cloth and discard what is left. For every 300 grams of juice, add 400 grams of bee honey and half a free-range egg white. Put in the oven to boil the mixture. Drink half a cup, when the tea is cold, three times a day.


Pregnant women, hemophiliacs and people with gastrointestinal diseases must be careful when handling these treatments.

Before carrying out any procedure, seek the help of a professional, he will know the best method for your case.

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