This plant has medicinal properties proven by researchers that are able to promote better health in the respiratory and digestive system.

Therefore, it is indicated in the treatment of several problems. Therefore, if the patient wants to enjoy the beneficial effects of this plant, it is necessary to know how to use it, taking into account its purposes.

Problems that can be treated with the herb

  • Coughs;
  • Bronchites;
  • Colds;
  • Fever;
  • Flu;
  • Indigestion;
  • Gases;
  • Vomiting;
  • Gastritis.

How to make and use tea from this plant?

There are two ways to prepare the aniseed basil tea, the difference between them depends on the indication that is proposed. In other words, there is a way to make the drink when the intention is to treat digestive problems and another version when it is to eliminate the disorders that affect the respiratory system. However, both are the result of easy processes.

Thus, when the patient wants to fight digestive diseases, it is necessary to use a cup of hot water and a spoon (dessert) of the plant’s leaves.

After mixing the ingredients, it is necessary to cover the container and wait for the infusion to be ready after 10 minutes. After the specified time, the drink is strained and can only be consumed afterwards. As for consumption, it must be ingested up to twice a day.

Now, when the problems are related to the respiratory system, the preparation is different. Instead of using only the leaves, as in the previous recipe, in this version you need to mix a tablespoon of leaves and flowers in a cup of boiling water.

After capping the container and waiting 10 minutes, the drink must be strained. Consumption is also different, as this tea must be ingested little by little. In this case, the treatment to be followed is one tablespoon three times a day for adults and half of this portion in the case of children’s patients.

general recommendation

No home remedy can replace medical evaluation, so when the first symptoms of health abnormalities appear, it is best to seek help from a professional.

Only with experience and with the help of devices to perform exams is it possible to find out what the patient’s real problem is and thus medicate him as needed. Thus, only after an observation, the individual can consult the doctor regarding the use of natural products in the treatment.