St. John’s Wort is an old acquaintance, used since Greek and Roman times, it is one of the medicinal plants that enjoyed greater fame in classical antiquity. Its scientific name hypericum perforatum  derives from the Greek hyperikon, which means “on an apparition”. This title corresponds to the action attributed to it in the Middle Ages, because, according to the people’s belief, this herb helped to ward off lightning and fires from homes, but to achieve these virtues, it should be harvested at dawn on St. John’s Day. and then placed on the roof of the house in question. Because it was harvested during this period, it was also named St. John’s wort.

Benefits of St John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is considered an excellent home remedy for mild to moderate depression, because the plant has the potential to strengthen the nervous system, increase concentration, reduce fatigue and eliminate insomnia. Besides its antidepressant action, it also acts as a natural anxiolytic, as it can relieve anxiety, working as a tranquilizer and reducing stress levels. In this way, Hypericão lifts the spirit of those who consume it.

In addition to these attributions, the herb can treat urinary infections and is able to heal skin wounds or light burns, as it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing.

Teas to treat depression

If the patient has symptoms of depression, St. John’s wort can serve as an antidepressant, and if used early in this problem, it can be a great ally in this fight against the disease. To prepare the tea, just use a spoon (dessert) of the plant along with a cup of boiling water. Combine ingredients in a container, cover and let stand for approximately 10 minutes. Then strain and if desired, sweeten with sugar or honey. The ideal is to drink up to three cups of this drink a day.

Now, if depression is appearing accompanied by insomnia, the best solution is to prepare a herbal tea from this plant with heather, valerian, lime and horehound. Add equal parts of these herbs in a container and, with a dessert spoon, take this mixture and add to a cup of water. Place over low heat and wait two minutes. Then let it sit for another five minutes, strain and drink after dinner. Repeat this procedure until there is an improvement in your clinical condition.


Pregnant or nursing women cannot use these teas. People who are taking other types of medications should consult their doctor before using these drinks. In general, a specialist should always be sought, remember that this tea should only be taken as a treatment for mild depression and in the initial moments of the illness.