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Avocado leaf tea

by Dianna Leon

Generally the leaves of the trees carry medicinal benefits equivalent to those contained in the fruits, and with avocado it is no different. If the fruit is known to contain a high amount of antioxidants, and to stimulate the production of HDL, the good cholesterol, avocado leaf tea is famous for acting as a diuretic and fighting headaches very quickly.

The benefits of leaves

The avocado leaves are known in folk medicine as a helper in the treatment of combat various diseases and ailments, among them we highlight the elimination of intestinal parasites and fights fatigue. Avocado leaf tea regulates intestinal functions and stimulates the body to release energy, raising the energy level. During premenstrual tension, the dreaded PMS, tea is also an ally, decreasing the pain of cramps and significantly preventing mood swings.

Those looking for weight loss should also bet on tea, which works as a powerful diuretic, preventing swelling caused by the accumulation of excess fluid in the body. Muscle pain, coughing, hoarseness and bronchitis are some diseases that are also relieved with regular consumption of avocado leaf tea.

how to make tea

Avocado leaf tea guarantees that you will ingest most of the benefits it brings to the body quickly and effectively. To make tea there is no secret:

  1. In a pan, made of iron or glass, place a liter of water, ten avocado leaves and bring to the fire.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil for about three minutes and turn off the heat.
  3. Cover the pot and keep the tea to rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Strain and drink, and can be sweetened with brown sugar or honey.

The tea, which should not be refrigerated for more than 24 hours, should be consumed two to three times a day.

Avocado leaves against varicose veins

The good that is done to the body by avocado leaves does not necessarily happen from the inside out. To fight varicose veins, the most recommended treatment is to use compresses, and the prescription is as follows:

  1. In a plastic container, chop 12 avocado leaves and add regular alcohol, 90º, until all leaves are submerged.
  2. Place three camphor stones and take the container to a place where the light does not reach.
  3. Let the mixture sit there for a week.
  4. After that apply in gentle movements over all of your varicose veins.

This procedure relieves the pain and tension caused by varicose veins and can be done daily.

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