According to the London School of Economics, the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and the State University of New York, developing countries, including Brazil, are at risk of increasing the hypertensive population by 80% by 2050.

This frightening number reveals the bad lifestyle habits that people are conditioned to have, such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, obesity etc.

And it is not just the estimate of foreign studies that concern Brazilian doctors and public agencies. This is because, according to data from the Ministry of Health, there are already 17 million people with hypertension in Brazil, an extremely alarming fact, given that hypertension is one of the main causes of death in the country.

Therefore, it is necessary to create programs to reverse this situation while there is still time and some preventive measures can be put into practice very easily, such as changing eating habits, practicing more physical activities and betting on natural treatments, such as teas that can fight the high blood pressure numbers.

Teas that lower blood pressure

1. Lettuce tea

Light flavor and allied to health, lettuce tea is a natural tranquilizer. For these reasons, it can improve the quality of sleep and life of consumers. With these benefits, lettuce fights hypertension and prevents more people from becoming hypertensive.

To prepare it, just wash the leaves or even the stalks of the vegetable and mix it with boiling water. After the drink has sat for 10 minutes, it can be drunk while still warm. The tip is to consume at least half an hour before bedtime.

2. Hibiscus tea

A natural blood pressure controller, hibiscus tea also helps in the slimming process and can even be used as a skin protector. But, those who want to use the benefits of this plant to fight hypertension, it is recommended to enhance it with other herbs.

Thus, the most suitable tea is made with one tablespoon of hibiscus, three tablespoons of dried daisy leaves and four tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves.

The herbs should be poured into a liter of water and placed on the fire to boil. But, before drinking, it is necessary to strain and it is important to note that consumption cannot exceed three cups a day.

3. Olive tea

Improves digestion, blood circulation and controls blood pressure. Due to these three factors, olive tea is considered an ally of hypertensive patients.

To prepare it, you need to put some dried olive leaves in a cup of boiled water. Then, cover the container and wait for the infusion to be ready for 10 minutes. Afterwards, just strain and, if desired, sweeten the drink to improve the taste. However, the aroma is quite pleasant.


Even though they are natural and beneficial treatments, none of these recipes replace medical care.

Therefore, if the patient experiences constant fatigue, severe headaches, difficulty breathing, dizziness, chest pain and blurred vision, it is necessary to seek clinical help as soon as possible.

This is because, the faster the service, the safer the treatment.