Citrus medica, this is the scientific name of the plant popularly known as lemon balm. In this plant there are leaves, flowers and fruits beneficial to human health, as it treats disorders that affect people, such as anxiety or nervousness.

Belonging to the Rutaceae family, this is one of the plants with positive effects that nature provides.

medicinal properties

  • Antacid;
  • Antiemetics;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Aperient;
  • Soothing;
  • Vermifuge.

Beneficial Effects of Cider

One of the most common health problems nowadays is anxiety, considering that everyday life contributes to this type of behavior. Besides that, there is also nervousness, which accompanies the anxious ones.

Both disorders, however, cause insomnia, irritability and there are still cases in which the patient has digestive problems, such as nausea, stomatitis and inappetence. However, cider is capable of treating all these problems. In other words, the plant eliminates both causes and consequences.

How to use this plant?

There are three ways to use cider in the form of tea, they are: infusion of leaves and flowers, infusion of seeds and infusion of dried fruit peels. Thus, each recipe is made in a different way regarding the quantity of each item. However, the benefits are pretty much the same. In this way, drinks can be used to treat, for example, nervousness, anxiety, gastric acidity, etc.

tea recipes

  • Tip 1: Mix a spoon (dessert) of cider leaves with the same amount of flowers. Then pour the mixture into a cup of boiling water. Wait for five minutes with the container closed and after the specified time, drink the tea.
  • Tip 2: With the rind of a dried fruit, chop and place the pieces in a boiling cup. Then wait five minutes for the infusion to take place. Finish by straining the liquid and drinking.
  • Tip 3: First, roast the cider seeds and then put them in a grinder. Once ground, add them to a cup of boiling water, cover and let the infusion cook for up to five minutes. After preparation, strain and drink.