The mango leaf tea is as healthy and nutritious as the fruit itself. Many people don’t know, but in addition to the mango itself, mango leaves are rich in medicinal properties that help fight disease and improve some important functions of the body.In this article, you will learn everything about this healthy tea, what are the benefits, how to prepare it, how to drink it and what are the necessary cares with this drink.

Mango leaf tea is a mild-tasting infusion that can be used medicinally for a variety of purposes. In summary, it is a tea with antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

In recent years, mango leaf tea has become famous for supposedly being used for weight loss . But, is this true? Find out below all the main health benefits of this natural drink.

Mango leaf tea: what is it for?

Mango leaf tea is natural and healthy. In addition, it works against free radicals and helps prevent some types of cancer .

Therefore, we made a list of all the benefits of this drink already classified as true by science itself. Check out the next topics:

Fight free radicals

First, let’s talk about one of the main benefits of mango leaf tea: the antioxidant action (1). This effect is very important for good health, as it improves various body functions and helps prevent disease.

The antioxidant action, for those who don’t know, is a common benefit of several types of teas. It prevents cell oxidation that is caused by free radicals, malignant substances that hinder the healthy cell life cycle.

In short, consuming antioxidant foods such as mango leaf tea helps prevent serious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, hypertension, and various degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

Prevents and fights cancer

In addition to its antioxidant action, mango leaf tea has other benefits that help prevent and fight cancer , specifically (2). This benefit is the result of a series of substances found in the composition of this plant.

In particular, the studies were conducted with breast cancer patients . The results show that mango leaves have an anti-tumor compound (which fights tumors).

Fights inflammation

Some research carried out by laboratory specialists point to the benefit of the anti-inflammatory action of mango leaf tea (2). In fact, however, for many years this natural drink has been traditionally used as a natural remedy against inflammation.

protect the brain

Another great benefit of this tea is its neuroprotective characteristic , that is, a set of substances and natural properties that protect and improve the functioning of the brain (3).

Studies claim that the consumption of natural products made from mango leaves helps in the functioning of cognition and protects the brain from various diseases, in addition to being beneficial in preventing stroke .

Fights diabetes

Science also proved in 2016 that mango leaves are anti-diabetes (4). That’s what you read!

Scientists were able to identify, through research in human beings, that the mango leaf extract helps in the treatment and control of blood glucose , in addition to being great for the prevention of this disease.

Has action against bacteria

Mango leaves are also antibacterial according to a study carried out in India in 2019. The research shows that, if used correctly (sanitized), mango leaves bring with them the benefit of fighting and eliminating bacteria from the body (5 ).

But, it is important that the leaves are sanitized to transmit this benefit to the human body.

Fight fungi

Last but not least, mango leaves are antifungal (fighting fungi), thus being a great natural remedy against diseases caused by these organisms (6).

To enjoy this benefit, the patient can use tea or a paste made from mango leaves . In the latter case, it is necessary to wash them, knead them and apply them to the region affected by the fungi, such as skin or nails.

How to make mango leaf tea?

Preparing mango leaf medicinal tea is very simple, follow the instructions below and learn the recipe:

  1. In a saucepan, heat 1 cup of filtered water
  2. When it boils, turn off the heat and add 1 teaspoon of dried mango leaves
  3. Then cover for approximately 10 minutes
  4. Finally, strain to remove the leaves and drink without sweetening.

It is important not to sweeten this tea, as sugar (whatever it is) cancels out most of the health benefits.

But if you prefer this sweet tea, opt for 1 teaspoon of bee honey. With honey, the tea loses the benefit of being anti-diabetes, but maintains the other benefits mentioned.

How and when to take?

It is recommended to consume the mango leaf tea right after its preparation .

Despite this, studies prove that tea maintains medicinal substances for about 24 hours. After this period, it must be discarded.

The best times to consume this tea are after/during breakfast or lunch . Taking it once a day is enough to get the healthy benefits.

Also, make sure that the mango leaves you intend to use are of good quality, sanitized, of good origin and preferably organic (no pesticides and substance or product harmful to health).

Does mango leaf tea slim down?

For some time now, teas have taken a prominent place when it comes to healthy weight loss. This is mainly due to the low calories, diuretic effect and thermogenic action of different types of teas.

Regarding mango leaf tea, there is no scientific confirmation that says, through research and studies, that it is a slimming tea.

However, even without this validation of science, it is noteworthy that it is a very low-calorie , nutritious and medicinal tea .

Therefore, although there is no evidence that it helps with weight loss, mango leaf tea can be used as a substitute for high-calorie beverages such as artificial juices, soft drinks, etc.

Care and contraindications of this tea

Mango leaf tea is natural and has no contraindications in general. However, there are some precautions that must be taken. For example, it is not a recommended tea for children and pregnant women , except when prescribed by a doctor.

It is also a tea that should not be consumed if the origin of the leaves is not known. Always opt for clean sheets that are free of pesticides/poisons.