You know that coffee break that many people take during work, most of the time to recharge their energy? It can be perfectly applied to other beverages, such as tea, for example. This is because, depending on the type of herb used to prepare the drink, the body can better respond to certain daily needs, such as willingness and concentration, which are so important in the work environment.

However, due to the lack of knowledge, many people bet on the wrong herbs and end up having the opposite effect in the elaboration of tasks: instead of disposition, they are affected by an untimely lassitude and relaxation.

So that this doesn’t happen anymore, and that you make the best use of teas to increase your performance at work, pay attention to this text.

Ah! It doesn’t hurt to remember that, before starting any treatment, even if it is of a natural nature, such as the ingestion of teas, it is most advisable for the doctor to be consulted. He is the most indicated professional to indicate the most recommended amount, according to the isolated condition of each person. This will prevent future problems from appearing.

Teas for work time

If you are one of those people who want to increase your performance at work or even gain more willingness to face the scheduled tasks, nature can give you a little extra help. Betting on the medicinal properties of some herbs, you will be able to reach your peak of income. Certain herbs boost energy while also acting on the mood to get on with the day.

Black tea, for example, stimulates the production of brain neurotransmitters that give energy to the body. Some other herbs indicated to increase work performance are: green tea, mate tea, in addition to ginger and cinnamon. Tea goes very well as a replacement for coffee, as many people are conditioned to it to gain energy. Do the test!

Preparing tea at work

To enjoy all the properties of herbs at work, you can prepare tea in an easy way. If you don’t have a stove, you can use the microwave to heat the water for infusion. For this you will need a mug or a cup of water (about 200 ml). Warm it up for about a minute or a minute and thirty seconds.

With hot water, take a tablespoon of the herb and add. Use a saucer to smother a little and let it sit for five minutes. Then just strain and ingest. The recommendation is to use the natural herb, as its properties are kept in its entirety, if compared to the sachet herbs. If you prefer, you can also sweeten it with a little honey.

The tea I shouldn’t drink at work

In the same way that there are some types of teas that help with mood, others of exactly the opposite effect, bringing relaxation and a feeling of sleep to the body. Usually these herbs are used at night, before bed, to promote tranquility after a busy day of work. That way, during office hours, you should stay away from these herbs. They are: chamomile, melissa, fennel and lemon grass.