Black tea, along with white tea, green tea and red tea, are produced from a single plant called camellia sinensis. The difference between teas is in the period in which the plant is harvested and in the way they are processed and prepared.Made with even older leaves, black tea undergoes a longer fermentation process than other versions and, therefore, it has an antioxidant action a little less than other teas, but with a high concentration of caffeine.

Properties and Benefits of Black Tea

In its pure state, that is, just the leaf without any additives, the tea has a negligible amount of calories, sodium and fat. This liquid is also a strong ally for weight loss, as it contains polyphenols, a substance that reduces appetite and, as it is rich in caffeine, which is a good thermogenic, helps to speed up metabolism, burn fat and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Tea is also a strong ally for cancer prevention, as it has an antioxidant action, which kills free radicals. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular complications, given that its polyphenols block the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Here’s a delicious recipe that will help you get all the benefits of black tea, and at the same time, keep you cool on days of high temperatures. Learn how to prepare tropical black tea.

Tropical Black Tea Recipe


– 1 bag of black tea
– 1 Sicilian lemon
– 500 ml of water
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– Ice cubes

Preparation mode:

Put 250 ml of water in the refrigerator. Prepare the black tea with the other 250 ml of water, then let it cool for approximately 4 minutes. Then mix the ice water with black tea, squeeze the lemon and add honey. Strain the tea and serve with ice cubes.