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What are herbal teas?

by Dianna Leon
O que são tisanas

Certainly at some point in your life you may have ingested herbal tea and didn’t know it. You know that chamomile “tea” to calm the nerves that your mother or grandmother must have done someday? And the one with mint or lemon balm to minimize the effects of a cold or flu? Well then. These homemade beverages that we mentioned, as well as similar ones that we usually call teas, are actually called herbal teas.

herbal tea vs tea

In fact, herbal tea is an infusion that consists of inserting medicinal herbs into boiling water, such as lime, lavender flower, orange blossom, elderflower, lemon leaves, nettle leaves, fennel seeds, among others.

Most drinks made from these herbs serve as home remedies or therapies. However, there are also those that are intended as a drink just for heating or even as a substitute for coffee, in this case for people who are averse to the liquid derived from the seeds of coffee plantations.

Tea, in its correct name, is made by infusing Camellia Sinensis roots, leaves or flowers in boiling water , a plant native to forests located in northeastern India and southern China. It is from this vegetable that green, black, white, red and oolong teas are derived.

Some types of herbal teas and their uses:


Catuaba infusion


Nettle leaf
infusion Elderberry flower infusion


  • Chamomile Infusion
  • Lavender Flower Infusion
  • lemon balm infusion
  • Lime infusion (also as a headache aid)

against rheumatic pain

rosemary infusion

against tummy find

  • Infusion Bilberry
  • Chamomile Infusion
  • fennel infusion
  • dill infusion
  • Infusion of cornstarch
  • mint infusion

against earache

infusion Infusion of guaco, orange peel and pennyroyal

against constipation

Potato Infusion Purging


  • Chamomile Infusion
  • Fennel Seed Infusion
  • Peppermint Infusion


dandelion infusion

flu and colds

  • elderflower infusion
  • lemon balm infusion
  • linden infusion
  • Peppermint Infusion
  • Rose-hip infusion, fruit of the silva-macha
  • thyme infusion

Tonic and antifebrile

Sweet carqueja infusion

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