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Wild lemon tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Scientific name Siparuna apiosyce (Mart.) A. DC , the plant known as wild lemon is an aromatic plant species belonging to the Monimiaceae Jussieu family that can be found in southeastern Brazil. Also known as wild lemon, wild lemon, wild lemon, wild cider and black mine, wild lemon has opposite leaves forming crosses on the branches, also having a clear broad, lanceolate-oblong, acute or even narrowly acuminate, with rounded base and rarely quite toned down.

With a pleasant and aromatic smell similar to lemon and lemon balm combined, wild lemon leaves have an aromatic and slightly bitter taste. The part used to prepare teas is the leaf, which can be found in natural food stores.


medicinal use

The medicine made with the leaves of the plant popularly known as wild lemon, and has stomach and sedative properties, being indicated for the treatment of gastric and respiratory problems such as bronchitis, dyspepsia, gastric embarrassment, gas, laryngitis, dry cough, menstrual cramps , digestive atony , between others.

How to prepare?

To prepare the natural medicine made from wild lemon leaves, you will need:

– 2 tablespoons of wild lemon herb
– ½ liter of water

In a container, put half a liter of water and the tablespoons of the herb and bring to the fire. When the mixture has reached the boiling point, turn off and cover so that the mixture is left to sit sweltered for a period of about ten minutes. After this period, just strain and consume it hot or cold, but always without sweetening.

The recommended dose is two to three cups a day, spaced throughout.

Contraindications and precautions

No contraindications or warnings and precautions were found involving the consumption of wild lemon tea. We emphasize, however, the importance of contacting a professional physician before consuming any medication, whether natural or industrialized.

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