There are two types of reflux, the physiological, affected naturally through the consumption of fatty foods or those with caffeine levels; and the gastroesophageal, caused by the malfunctioning lower esophageal sphincter, which prevents the bolus from returning to the esophagus.

Although it is not a serious problem, reflux is uncomfortable and causes a burning sensation, better known as heartburn.

Furthermore, it is a disorder that can affect everyone, regardless of age. In other words, both the baby and an elderly person can suffer from reflux.

As it is a problem that bothers people, people tend to look for treatments that fight the burning sensation. For this, there are drugs sold in pharmacies, but there is also the possibility of eliminating the disorder through natural and homemade teas.

Teas that treat reflux

The hot water itself is a way to neutralize the stomach pH, ​​so when preparing the teas it is interesting to consume them still warm, as the temperature of the drink added to the benefits of herbs and spices are able to eliminate reflux more quickly. The drinks that achieve this effect are:

Ginger tea

As a spice capable of helping the digestive system, ginger is an ideal ingredient to eliminate reflux. In addition, this drink manages to prevent gas, bloating and poor digestion.

To prepare it, just boil three pieces of ginger in a liter of water for 10 minutes. Then strain and consume.

Aloe vera tea (aloe)

Favorable in the treatment of different types of digestive problems, aloe is a plant that inhibits the acidity of the digestive system. It also treats diarrhea and bowel ulcers.

Despite the bad taste, the tea from this plant treats reflux with agility. Whoever wants to use it, must cut the aloe into small pieces and let it boil for 10 minutes in a liter of water. Then just strain and drink, without adding sugar or any other sweetener.

chamomile tea

Soothes stomach activities, relieves nausea, treats stomach ulcers and, of course, eliminates heartburn.

All of these benefits can be found in chamomile tea which is made with two tablespoons of the herb and a cup of boiling water. By infusing the leaves in water for approximately 10 minutes, the body can be freed from this problem.

lemon balm tea

In addition to treating reflux, lemongrass also prevents other digestive disorders, such as gas. Easy to prepare, the recipe is three teaspoons of the plant’s leaves and a cup of boiling water.

Once you get the ingredients, just mix them and cover the container for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then, strain the drink and ingest.