Have you ever had  blackberry leaf tea or do you know what it’s for ? This infusion is a delight, and that is exactly why it is being increasingly consumed by people who like to take care of their health.

The medicinal properties contained in this tea range from relieving the discomfort coming from menopause, to the strong fight against high cholesterol.

This tea also draws attention for having several  benefits,  especially for women’s health. So, if you want to know more about this drink and how to prepare tea, follow this article.

Blackberry leaf tea: what is it for?

According to pharmacist Maria Júlia Pereira Reis, one of the main uses of blackberry leaves is the treatment of problems that affect women’s health.

For example, the infusion of this herb can help “from problems arising from PMS [ premenstrual tension] to discomfort generated during menopause .”

In women’s health, blackberry leaf tea proves to be very beneficial at various stages of life: it relieves the  pain of menstrual cramps , the discomfort of PMS and is one of the weight allies during menopause.

Vaginal dryness and intense heat that afflict many women, not just during menopause, are alleviated with the consumption of tea. Also fights the  hypertension and excess glucose in the blood.

In addition to these actions, blackberry leaf tea also helps fight bad cholesterol. “It also has an antioxidant action, acting in favor of good aging and being an ally in the prevention of cancer”, explains Maria Júlia.

The blackberry leaf tea is indicated to be used as an aid in treatments against frequent headaches,  insomnia , libido alterations, depression and diseases in the kidneys and liver.

“I also mention anti-inflammatory action, which can be used for headaches and migraines. It has a calming action (stress and insomnia), being an ally to therapies for depression”, adds the specialist.

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Benefits of this fruit

For the Ministry of Health, there are many uses of blackberry in folk medicine. “The leaves are used
externally in gargles, to combat thrush and tonsillitis, to combat fever and toothache. ” (1)

In addition, fruits, leaves, bark and roots are applied as laxatives, sedatives, expectorants, refreshing, emollients, calming, diuretics. They are also mentioned as hypoglycemic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, emetic, tonic and anthelmintic.

“These parts of the plant are also used for the treatment of diabetes , as they
contain substances such as 1-deoxinojirimycin, an alkaloid with a hypoglycemic effect”, informs the Ministry in a monograph on the blackberry.

The uses of this plant include:

  • Treatment of cardiovascular problems, obesity and gout
  • Improvement in cases such as arthritis and rheumatism
  • Treatment of inflammation, blood clotting, toothache, and as an antidote for snake bites
  • Combat of fever, asthma and flu

Will blackberry leaf tea slim?

Also according to Maria Júlia, there is no scientific evidence that this infusion helps in the weight loss process. “However, blackberry leaf tea has fewer calories than other beverages . Thus, if taken in place of juices and carbonated drinks, there will be a lower caloric consumption, thus helping with weight loss, “says the specialist.

Even so, it is important to remember that losing weight is part of a process. First, a nutritionist must evaluate the patient. Then, that professional should recommend a diet.

However, a healthy diet is not the only way to lose weight. Associated with this, it is necessary to have the guidance and monitoring of a physical educator.

How to make tea?

Tea is one of the most effective ways of absorbing the beneficial health properties contained in the leaves and fruits, and blackberry leaf tea is not far behind: its medicinal properties are enhanced in the infusion. To do it is very easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. In an iron pot put a liter of water and turn off the heat as soon as it starts to boil.
  2. Put the water in a container and add a tablespoon of dried mulberry leaves.
  3. When it is warm, strain and drink without sweetening.

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How to take ?

The ideal is to consume the tea right after preparation . With that you guarantee all the benefits and properties of the blackberry. It is also recommended not to add sugar, sweetener or honey. With regard to consumption, it is recommended to ingest up to three cups a day. 


According to the pharmacy specialist, not everyone can use this tea. For example, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not consume the infusion. It is also not recommended that patients with liver problems make use of the natural drink.

Dried blackberry leaf tea x Fresh blackberry leaf tea

For Maria Júlia, fresh or dried leaves are beneficial . However, the choice of which one to use in the recipe will depend on the availability of each patient.

This is because, in some places in Brazil, it is not common to find blackberry trees. Therefore, the use of fresh leaves becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is common to use leaves in the dry state, such as sold sachets in supermarkets, street markets and even online stores.

But for those who might have the pleasure of planting a blackberry tree at home, the fresh leaves can make a great natural remedy. However, it is necessary to be careful with possible fungi in the leaves or even in the veracity of the plant.

Generally speaking, both fresh and dried leaves are sources of medicinal properties. Now that you know what blackberry leaf tea is for and how to prepare it, how about making this natural remedy at home? This way you are free from possible health problems.