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by Dianna Leon

The abútua tea is not as well known by the general public, but the benefits it brings to health are making it increasingly known in Brazil. Women are the ones who feel the most positive effects of frequent consumption of tea, as it combats the symptoms of uncomfortable Premenstrual Tension (PMS) and prevents problems in the menstrual cycle.

What is the abuta?

The abutua, scientific name Chondrodendron platyphyllum, is a plant of the vine family originally from Brazil. In the infusion with medicinal properties that is made with the herb, dry parts of the roots or stem can be used, as it is in these parts that the substances that are good for the body are found in greater concentration. The vulture is apparently similar to the vine, also having bunches of fruit similar to the grape, usually darker and sweeter, but which should not be eaten.

The Benefits

The vulture tea can be used in treatments for constipation, headache, anemia, arthritis, liver problems and digestive problems. The positive effects of consumption of the infusion by people suffering from rheumatism and bladder inflammation are also known.

Those who have stomach ulcers can also consume the tea and have access to the high healing power that the abutu has, as well as girls who suffer from typical PMS problems, such as crampsand headaches. The consumption of tea is also recommended for women who have an unregulated menstrual cycle.

Other indications

  • uric acid
  • fever
  • fluid retention
  • gonorrhea

how to make tea

The tea, which cannot be consumed by children under 10 and pregnant women, should only be consumed once a day, for a period of up to seven consecutive days. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  1. Place a pot with a cup of water on the fire and allow it to come to a boil before turning it off;
  2. Place a teaspoonful of dried roots in a cup and pour the water over the top;
  3. Cover the cup and let the tea sit for ten minutes.
  4. Drink without sweetening.

Side effects

Misuse can cause abortion and the plant can have a toxic effect. The ideal is to always seek medical advice before any treatment, even if it is natural.

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