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Marcela tea – What are the benefits of this plant?

by Dianna Leon

Native to South America, the Marcela or macela is an herbaceous plant that appears in warmer areas annually. Its leaves are elongated, membranous, full of hair, and very thin. It is common to find Marcela on roadsides and land, but it should only be picked when the flowers appear (between March and May). Thus, it is possible to take advantage of its therapeutic properties.


In the Rio Grande do Sul, some people have the tradition of picking Marcela on Good Friday before sunrise. These people believe that this custom benefits the efficiency of the tea properties of this herb’s flowers.

Marcela Tea Indications

  • Stress relief and anxiety ;
  • Lightens the hair strands and ends the fall ;
  • Intestinal Alleviatescramps ;
  • Regulates menstrual disorder;
  • Treats diarrhea, dysentery, heartburn, and stomach pains;
  • Controls sudden muscle contractions;
  • Improves digestion, prevents gastric dysfunctions and disturbances;
  • Treats cases of epilepsy, cephalalgia, rheumatism, and impotence;
  • Stops fluid retention ;
  • It can be effective in washing fetid feet;
  • It helps skin and hair become healthier;
  • It can be used to treat colds.

How to use Marcela?

To acquire the benefits of Marcela, it is best to make tea from its flowers. This tea can be drunk or used externally, depending on the case and on medical advice. To drink, infuse two small cups of the flowers into half a liter of water. Drink up to six cups a day after meals. In the case of external use, make an infusion of 30 grams of flowers for a liter of water and apply the liquid in compresses 3 to 4 times a day to wash wounds, ulcers, and foot odor. The same infusion is used for sleep-enhancing aromatherapy. Just fill the pillow.


People who are allergic to chemotherapy treatment should never use this plant and those allergic to any of its components. Because it has a hypoglycemic effect, diabetics must be extra careful and always be monitored if they take this tea. Patients under the influence of sedatives, analgesics, and barbiturates should also be cautious with the use of this drink. Just in case, consult a doctor to find out if Marcela tea is beneficial for you.

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