Despite its curious name, gunpowder tea is actually one of the versions of green tea . The history of this drink dates back to 618 BC, when it originated in the Tang Dynasty, in China. But, it only received this name due to the way that British navigators exported from China to the West.

As the English took the tea leaves rolled up in the shape of small balls, a way to preserve the dry leaves, these balls were similar to gunpowder and for this reason received such nomenclature, in addition to the fact that the translation of the name would be “recently made ”.

Antioxidant action of this tea

As it belongs to the green tea family, this herb is rich in antioxidants, one of the most important being epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

This means that gunpowder tea is excellent for eliminating free radicals , elements that cause cells to age and destroy them. In this way, it prevents the onset of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even cancer.

In a recent survey conducted in Japan, taking into account 500 women with stage I and II breast cancer, researchers found that increasing consumption of green tea, such as gunpowder tea, before and after surgery, there was a lower occurrence of the disease.

The results are not yet clear, but scholars can already affirm the benefits that this tea causes in the body of those with cancer.

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Other Drink Benefits

This tea can also be used to eliminate localized fat , making the body leaner. This is due to the acceleration that gunpowder tea causes in the human metabolism, giving more energy and making the body lose excesses, and this includes the “tires” that bother people so much.

How to prepare gunpowder tea?

Place a teaspoon of gunpowder in 150 ml of boiled water. Cover the container and allow to infuse for five minutes. After the specified time, just strain and drink.

It is important to note that this tea does not need sugar as it has a slight honey taste. The drink should also not be added with milk, so that it does not lose its properties.

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How to consume it will depend on the preference of each individual, but it should not exceed three cups a day. Another precious tip is not to drink this tea close to nighttime, since, like green tea, gunpowder also has caffeine, a substance that alters sleep.