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Tea with herbal mix to treat urinary tract infections

by Dianna Leon

Urinary tract infections can occur anywhere in the urinary system, such as the bladder, kidneys, urethra, and ureters. The causes and symptoms of urinary infections vary according to the affected region, and can be of four types: cystitis (infection in the bladder), urethritis (infection in the urethra), pyelonephritis (infection in the kidneys) and infection in the ureters. This infection occurs with the entry of bacteria into the urinary system, through the urethra, and its subsequent multiplication in the bladder.

Urinary Infection Symptoms

The most common symptoms of urinary tract infection are as follows:

  • Strong burning when urinating;
  • A lot of wanting to urinate, even if you’ve just gone to the bathroom;
  • Increased frequency of urination;
  • Urine dark, bloody or smelling very strong;
  • Pelvic and rectum pain.

Herbal tea mixture for urinary tract infection

The tea with a mix of herbs helps in the treatment of urinary infections, as it has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

Learn more about the ingredients that are part of the mix:

  • Bearberry – It is the main ingredient in this tea, because of the presence of arbubtin glycoside, which has anti-microbial properties and also acts as a diuretic, making the kidneys work faster to eliminate toxins;
  • Corn hair – This part of the cob, also known as “corn silk”, helps in the proper functioning of the urinary tract, acting in cases such as prostate inflammation, kidney stones, urinary incontinence and bladder problems;
  • Alteia – Alteia contains properties that stimulate urine production;
  • Viburnum – Associated with the previous herbs, this plant (only its bark) helps to deflate the urinary tract. Its use is contraindicated during pregnancy.

How to prepare tea?

To prepare the tea with a mix of herbs, just follow the steps below:


– 1 teaspoon of uva-ursi;
– ½ teaspoon of corn hair;
– ½ teaspoon of marshmallow root;
– ½ teaspoon of viburnum bark;
– 250 ml of water.

Preparation mode:

Put the ingredients in a container and mix by crushing them with a knife. Place the herbs in a pan, cover with 250ml of water, stir and light the fire. Simmer for 2 minutes and turn off. After turning it off, let it rest for 20 minutes. With the help of a spoon, squeeze the herbs to make the tea stronger and strain. The indication is up to 4 small cups of this tea a day. Remember that self-medication can be dangerous and the ideal is to consult a specialist before starting any treatment!

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