The sweet teas, in addition to being tasty, provide improvements for our body and our health. Some are indicated to treat illnesses and others to aid aesthetics. Now, increasingly, these drinks are becoming popular in slimming recipes. Depending on the tea and what time you drink it, the effects can be surprisingly good.Global actress Burna Marquezine is a fan of these slimming teas. In an interview with the EGO website , she says that she always walks with water and during the day she drinks tea. These are some of the big secrets to your fitness. Discover this and other recipes and how they should be taken throughout the day to ensure weight loss.

famous recipe

Bruna confessed that her tea that accompanies her daily life is made with three powerful ingredients: hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon. The recipe explains how the actress lost 7 kg and got a very thin waist. In addition to hibiscus having weight loss potential, ginger and cinnamon are two thermogenics that speed up metabolism and facilitate weight loss even more.

To prepare this tea is simple. Just put a liter of water on the fire with a cinnamon stick. Wait five minutes and turn off the heat. Then add a teaspoon of powdered ginger and a tablespoon of hibiscus flowers. Cover the container and allow to infuse for approximately 10 minutes.

Strain the substance and drink it without adding sugar or sweetener. So you avoid the extra pounds that these products cause. The drink should be taken before and after meals, totaling one liter of tea per day. Before meals to reduce anxiety and food cravings and afterward to assist in the process of metabolizing food. Combine this drink with water and, during the day, guarantee great results.

Note: This drink should not be consumed by people with hypertension. That’s because ginger raises blood pressure and can be a risk factor for these patients.

other recipes

Other teas are very suitable for those who want to lose weight with health, they are: sage, fennel, rosemary and mint, as they are considered digestive. In addition to white and green tea, known for their metabolizing action. The latter should not be consumed at night, as they contain caffeine and interfere with sleep.