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Asian centella tea – Benefits against cellulite

by Dianna Leon

The cellulite affects women of all ages and prevents many to dress the way you would like. Short-length skirts, tighter pants and leggings are some of the items of clothing that are worn with care by those who have a lot of cellulite. If you fit that profile, you can celebrate: more and more anti-cellulite properties are being discovered in Asian centella tea , which is already well known among people looking for a solution to this problem.

The plant

Despite being well known in Eastern Europe and in many countries in South America, the Asian centella is a plant originally from Brazil. The plant, which prefers humid and shady places, is known throughout the country by several different names. There are powerful medicinal properties throughout the plant, so the tea can be made with any part of it, even though the preference is to infuse with the leaves. The tea, in turn, has a refreshing flavor and at the same time slightly bitter.

The Benefits of Centella Asiatic

The benefits of Asian centella tea on the body are numerous , but it is against cellulite that it proves to be a strong ally. The tea improves micro-circulation and eliminates fluids and toxins that cause those unwanted holes in the skin . The weight loss caused by tea is due to its high diuretic potential, it eliminates fluids that have accumulated in excess in the body. It also contains anti-inflammatory substances that prevent the swelling characteristic of cellulite. It is recommended the consumption of Asian centella tea also by people who suffer from varicose veins, since the plant strengthens blood vessels, preventing problems caused by their malfunction.

Tea also increases the production of collagen, which helps with healing and makes the skin firmer.

Attention: In four weeks it is possible to see the result of the treatment made with the Asian centella tea, but it is common for the first two weeks to have the impression that cellulite has increased, because during this period the fat cells are being released.

How to make tea?

To have access to all the benefits that Asian centella tea brings to the body, such as the aforementioned stimulation of collagen production and diuretic properties, it is recommended to consume at least two cups of tea a day. Preparing the infusion is very simple, take note:

  1. In a glass or iron pan, place half a liter of filtered water and a tablespoon of the dried herb;
  2. Place the pan on the fire and turn it off as soon as the water comes to a boil;
  3. Cover the pan and keep the mixture muffled for about ten minutes;
  4. Strain once it’s warm and drink it unsweetened or sweetened with honey.


Centella tea should not be ingested by pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those suffering from gastritis, ulcers and various stomach problems. Centella can cause allergic reactions in people who have an intolerance to some of its components, so in the beginning the tea should be ingested in small amounts.

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