Black tea is one of the best known drinks for those who want to lose weight using natural methods.It spees up the metabolism, thanks to the caffeine present in its composition, the accumulation of fat is eliminated more effectively.

In addition, the drink helps fight free radicals, harmful cells that act against the cardiovascular system and skin health.

All these benefits can be added to a new use used for black tea, to dye the hair.

If you want to have the darkest strands or if you want to give “get over there” to the terrible white strands, the tip is to bet on this natural element that has worked effectively in this procedure.

dye your hair with black tea

The first step is to prepare the black tea on the fire, which depending on the size of the hair will need to be in large quantities.

For example, two liters is a good option for those with medium strands. For people who have long strands, the amount should be a little higher, from five to six liters of tea.

Another important aspect is related to the proportion of herb in the liquid, considering that the drink needs to be strong to have good results. Therefore, add two tablespoons of black tea leaves for each liter of water used in the recipe.

The water goes to the fire and after boiling, it must be removed from the stove. Then the herbs are added and the container needs to be capped. Wait for approximately 20 minutes and with the drink still warm, start dyeing the threads.

To facilitate the procedure, use a large container to prevent the tea poured into the head from running down the drain, as it can be reused in the same application.

In this way, pour the liquid into the hair and massage the locks at the same time. Continue to carry out this activity for 10 minutes, always reusing tea that has already been used.

After the specified time, let the solution act on the hair for 15 minutes. If you want an even darker shade, you can wait for a while longer, just don’t exceed half an hour.

Then rinse the lock with warm water and use a towel to dry the strands. The tip is to use an old cloth, because the black tea when removed can stain it.

You can repeat this procedure weekly, as it is not chemical products, the durability is lower. However, as it is a natural element, it does not damage or dry the hair, as the chemicals do.