Much is said about the importance of drinking tea, however, few people stop to pay attention to the correct way to prepare and serve tea, so that it does not lose its original flavor. And that is exactly what this publication is about. On how to prepare a tasty tea.

Choice of herbs

First of all, it is necessary to buy good quality herbs, preferably pure herb instead of the typical supermarket tea bags. In this case, the herb is known to have more effective action and even more intense flavor.


Then, just heat a liter of pure mineral water. It is important not to use water that has undergone treatment processes, such as those treated with chlorine.

Then place the herb in a container, preferably glass or crockery, and pour hot water over them. Then, if you prefer, sweeten the drink with honey or sweetener.

The correct time to let the drink rest varies from three to seven minutes depending on the herb used.

with serve

At the end, before serving, remember if you prefer to drink the tea strained or not, as you can leave the herbs in the bottom of the mug when drinking the liquid.

To serve, reserve a pleasant and quiet space, preferably in contact with fresh air and plants.