The first remedies used by people were made through the properties of plants. Currently, with all the advances in technology and science, techniques have been improved and herbs studied. Thus, other treatments started to be applied in order to alleviate certain diseases.

An example of this is the use of teas, hot drinks produced through the infusion or decoction of therapeutic herbs with medicinal properties capable of improving health problems. But, there are still several questions about these natural remedies, such as the ideal storage time after they are ready.

This issue involving the shelf life of teas is delicate, as it does not depend on just one factor. In addition to the type of herb, other points need to be taken into account such as storage environment and type of container.

How to keep teas preserved after preparation?

There is no universal time for all types of tea. As stated before, each herb has its specificities and therefore it is wrong to stipulate an expiration date for the teas made with them, without taking into account the differences between each one.

The best thing to do, in this way, is to look for methods that guarantee longer duration for the drinks. One of these ways is to choose the container that will be used to store the tea. In this case, the most suitable is a glass bottle that has a lid that prevents air from entering the bottle.

Even the air must be a problem to avoid. This is because, many of the teas lose their properties with the fermentation caused by the air. Therefore, the more liquid the bottle holds, the less room it will have for air.

In addition, the teas should not be exposed in places with incidence of sun or hot environments. The ideal is to keep the drinks chilled. In the refrigerator, generally, health-beneficial liquids can remain effective for up to a week.