To prepare some foods and drinks, following the recipe is essential so that everything goes according to plan.

In the case of teas, this attention to preparation directly affects the final result of the recipe and the properties of each element. In this sense, the water temperature is among the items in the preparation that you should pay more attention to.

Before knowing the ideal temperature when making the tea, it is important that you know that all herbs have a temperature considered ideal for all properties to be extracted. It is also worth remembering that the temperature will interfere with the final efficacy of the drink and the taste, since, at the wrong temperature, all the beneficial properties can be lost.

The best infusion time

As with temperature, time is relative to each person’s taste preference. There are those who prefer stronger tea, and so it leaves more time to boil. However, there are those who like a weaker drink, with less flavor, and so let the mixture boil for a few minutes. If you prefer the middle ground here are time options for each type of tea.

Black Tea : To make this tea, it is recommended an infusion time between three to five minutes, in a fully boiling water. That is, with a temperature equal to 100°C.

White Tea: The ideal time for a good infusion of this tea is between four to eight minutes. In this case, it is not necessary for water to be at its boiling point, a temperature between 65° and 70° C is sufficient.

Green tea:  This should be served after an infusion of two to four minutes. And it must be prepared at a temperature that is between 75° to 80°.

Yellow tea: In this case, it is not necessary to wait long, around one to two minutes the infusion should be ready to be served. The important thing is to keep the temperature between 70° to 75° C.

Remember that these data are indicative, and you can choose to prepare them for longer or shorter periods, and even at non-specific temperatures. But, the tips will serve to guide you in the best way.

How to know what temperature the water is

The market offers a range of equipment, also known as thermometers, that can be used to measure the ideal tea temperature. However, whether it is value or frequency of use, it is often an unnecessary investment. However, there is an observation technique developed by the Chinese, where the simple fact of observing water passes an average temperature to which it is being subjected.

When the temperature is between 68° to 78° C, the water acquires small bubbles on its surface, the size of a pinhead; when it reaches 79°C, you’ll notice that the bubbles have gotten a little bigger, similar to shrimp eyes; For 80° to 82° C, bigger bubbles appear and start to rise to the surface of the kettle. When it reaches 90° to 96° C, the bubbles take on a pearl-like size and at 100°, the well-known boiling.

The correct temperature to consume tea

When the subject is related to the consumption temperature of tea, each person can have their own preferences. Some prefer it warmer, others a little cooler and others totally cold. Thus, the biggest tip is to go testing the boiling of the water and choosing which one is best for your taste.