Nature has several plants with medicinal and therapeutic properties capable of treating health problems and even difficult spiritual situations. And, even with all the technology and the advancement of science, researchers have not been able to unravel all the herbs’ powers.

But, little by little, it is being discovered which plants are beneficial, for what purposes they serve and how they should be used. For this, people’s sympathies and common sense are studied, transforming them into scientific knowledge.

Check now three recipes for teas that are used in sympathies to treat pain in the body and soul. Using for this, only plant properties easily found in nature or in stores specializing in natural products.

Teas and sympathies

tensions at work

For those who want to relieve the tensions of work, you can take a bath with warm leaves. Therefore, it is enough to prepare an infusion with three leaves of each of these plants: castor bean, purple pine and peregum. Once ready, you must mix coarse salt.

In the bath it is not interesting to wash your hair, bathing only from the neck down. This is because coarse salt is contraindicated for pouring on the head too often. The tip is to use this infusion three times a week, before going to work, as the mixture immunizes the body from tension.

Power up

For those who want to energize the body and the environment, you can take advantage of the benefits of indigo. In this sense, an infusion of this plant is prepared, which can be used to wash the head, clean the house, take a shower, sanitize objects, etc. This tea serves to give more positive energy and can be used up to three times a week as well.

In the case of this sympathy, if indigo cannot be found, it can be replaced by patchouli. This herb, in addition to having the same beneficial effects as indigo, also has a very good aroma and can be used for the same purpose.

stomach problems

After a heavy meal or after eating spoiled food, the stomach can suffer from the results of these situations. To treat digestive diseases, it is recommended to prepare a tea with coriander.

So, boil a cup of drinking water and then pour it into a container with the coriander leaves. Cover and wait for the infusion to be ready for 10 minutes. Then just ingest. This recipe can be made up to three times a day.