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How to enjoy tea?

by Dianna Leon

Everyone likes to enjoy a tea, whether to treat illnesses or to enjoy the peculiar flavor of herbs, this is an art that requires a lot of sensitivity on the part of people. For many, tea is just a tasteless, bland drink, but when you know how to prepare and enjoy tea correctly, it’s another sensation altogether.

The development of art

Many, many years ago, millennia ago, attempts to prepare teas began with mistakes and successes. The benefits and properties of teas were being discovered after many attempts that helped in the treatment of many diseases.

The aromas and flavors were being discovered and shared around the world, being very common in indigenous, Greek and Egyptian cultures.

The culture of drinking tea was spreading, being in some places a tradition, such as in England, for example.

The art

According to the monk, philosopher and Buddhist Thich Nhat Hant, to fully enjoy tea, we need to be fully awake, with awareness in the present. It is even necessary to feel the heat of the cup in your hands. You must focus on the present, forgetting all past or future worries, the experience will be lost.

How to prepare correctly?

The best way to prepare a good tea is through infusion, as tea made with the sachet does not give the drink its true flavor – despite being more practical, ideal for modern days when no one has enough time to devote to the preparation . In addition, it is necessary, when boiling the water and inserting the herb, to have your hands properly clean. The preparation of tea is a ritual for those who enjoy this art and, therefore, a moment built by the person to be one of relaxation.

Although the tendency is to only enjoy sweet or savory flavors, here’s an essential rule to properly enjoy tea: never sweeten it, neither with sugar nor with sweetener, as this will mask the true flavor of the tea.

Always consume it hot, because it is in its heat that the true flavor is condensed and, later, it will stay in your mouth for a while.

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