There are certain crazes that are rooted in the culture of many peoples, especially in the area of ​​food. Drinking tea with food, for example, is quite common in oriental culture. Here in Brazil, tea is already a drink that is widely incorporated in people’s daily lives, but, in relation to this monitoring, many still have doubts.

The habit of consuming teas was born from the medicinal properties they present, especially with regard to the treatment and cure of some illnesses. According to some experts on the subject, this will depend a lot on the type of tea being ingested, temperature and even its health properties.

So that there is no more doubt, the advice is that the doctor be consulted. He is the most suitable professional to testify to the inclusion of certain habits, especially directing them well for each body.

All these factors will determine whether tea during meals will be good for the person or not. To gain a little more knowledge about the subject, follow the guidelines below.

tea and meals

Drinking hot tea with meals is a more frequent habit in Eastern culture. From practice, it is believed that the drink helps in the digestion of food, as long as the right herb is used. According to experts, drinking tea with meals does not inhibit its action in relation to health. They will be preserved, just as they are during any time of day, if properly prepared.

For people who use teas as an alternative treatment for weight loss, it is important to be clear that consuming it with meals does not mean that the action will be increased. At mealtime, the most suitable teas are those made with boldo, mint and chamomile. If you take into account your diet, a good solution is to make use of herbs that have thermogenic action.

Drinking iced tea with meals instead of juice or water can be a very refreshing and healthy option. However, it is good that you pay attention to the addition of sugar. In these cases, it is always worth opting for teas prepared at home rather than industrialized ones. For bags that also go through the industrialization process, always opt for the natural herb. It is healthier and retains much more properties.

To increase the benefits of tea, many recommendations say that it should be taken after eating, especially among people who are aiming to lose extra weight. But, in order not to make any mistakes, it is essential that your doctor is contacted. Despite being dealing with natural elements, some may not be well received by your body.