Relieves sinusitis, sore throats and fevers of up to 38ºC. These are some of the uses of ginger that give it the title of medicinal spice. In addition to its reputation for calming and refreshing, this root has a spicy taste, but with a pleasant aroma. For these reasons it is an element indicated for the treatment of various disorders of the body. Check out the beneficial effects and learn how to prepare this spice tea without making mistakes.

Main benefits of ginger

Used as a stomach protector, ginger works to combat nausea, stomach pain, flatulence, poor digestion and even to relieve cramps. Also with regard to the digestive process, this root has the reputation of being thermogenic, accelerating the metabolism and, consequently, helps in the loss of localized fat and weight.

In addition to these very important roles in balancing health, the spice can be used for circulatory treatments. By reducing blood sugar levels, ginger is also able to stimulate blood circulation, discouraging the formation of varicose veins, a problem that affects all people, but with greater intensity in women.

Recipe for the perfect ginger tea

Ingredients and method of preparation

  • 100 g of ginger;
  • Four cups of filtered water;
  • Brown sugar or honey (to taste);
  • A piece of apple or lemon.

The first step to be taken is to wash the ginger, there are those who prefer to use it with the skin and others who choose to remove it. However, this option does not influence the final result. Then cut the root into small pieces and while doing this, bring the water to a boil. When it comes to boiling point, pour the ginger into the liquid and wait 20 minutes.

After the set time, turn off the heat, cover the pan and let the mixture steep for approximately five minutes. Then just strain the drink and discard the gingers. The final substance can be enhanced with brown sugar or honey, depending on the consumer’s taste. Another tip is to add a slice of lemon or a piece of apple to improve the flavor of the drink.

ideal consumption

The way the tea is ingested and its doses can influence the results that the consumer wants to achieve, for example, if the idea is to lose weight, the tip is to drink it at night or 30 minutes before exercising. However, if the purpose is to eliminate respiratory problems, add a slice of lemon and honey and consume up to two cups a day, preferably starting with one in the morning while fasting. For circulatory problems, take up to three doses daily.