Known for its slimming properties, green tea is ideal for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way and still prevent the body from certain diseases. It is also considered anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, it can be used to promote beautiful and youthful skin, preventing the aging of cells and the oxidation process they undergo. Excellent for the heart, it also helps to optimize memory.

Tips to improve green tea consumption

Green tea has a bitter taste and this makes many people give up treatments based on this drink. However, there are ways to improve this flavor and they only depend on how the infusion is prepared. For this reason, the first step is to choose the leaves for the preparation well. Sachet teas do not have the same qualities as loose leaves, so it is preferable to buy this ingredient in this second form.

After selecting the leaves, the next step is to place them with boiling water. The chosen container must have a lid, so that the ingredients are infused for up to 10 minutes. Then the drink will be ready for consumption. It is not advisable to add sugar or sweetener to tea, because these elements end up reducing the quality of the liquid.

However, if the individual is not used to consuming beverages without sweeteners and, therefore, green tea seems very bitter, the tip is to add a slice of lemon to alternate the flavor. In addition, it can be combined with cookies, light cakes etc. Other ways to improve the flavor of this drink and still not lose its properties is to add pineapple, mango and other fruits that will depend on the consumer’s taste.

The ideal is to consume up to three cups of the drink a day and distribute this amount throughout the day, leaving the night periods out so that green tea does not interfere with sleep.

Contraindications and side effects

Hypertensive people, that is, people with high blood pressure, should not use green tea. This is because this drink accelerates heart palpitations and also the pressure, being capable of taking the patient to a crisis. Despite being beneficial, if tea is ingested in excess it can cause insomnia, since caffeine is one of its properties. In addition, it can cause irritability and worsen stomach problems, as is the case with gastritis.