Much is said about the benefits and properties of teas to combat numerous health problems and improve the functioning of the human body. However, in addition to this aspect, there is something essentially important about teas that many people do not pay attention to: about the correct way to prepare a tea, whether it is a sachet or pure herb.

Preparing tea bag

In an electric kettle or conventional oven, boil the water according to the desired amount to prepare the tea. Then turn off the socket or even the stove. Put some hot water in the cup to rinse and purify it removing impurities.

Once this is done, add the rest of the hot water and the bag of the herb you want to prepare the tea, so that the liquid fills about 4/5 of the cup. If you want, leave a space to add milk. Afterwards, the tea should be brewed for a period of three to five minutes. At the end, remove the bag and sweeten the drink to taste.

Making Pure Herb Tea

Put water in the kettle and boil it in the same way as in the previous step. When you notice that the liquid has reached boiling point, turn it off and immediately pour the boiling water into a teapot. Rinse it with hot water to purify and remove impurities.

Then, boil a little more water in the kettle according to the desired amount to prepare the tea. When you notice that the liquid has reached the boiling point, pour it into the pot and place the herbs, letting them brew for a maximum of 12 minutes. At the end, strain and sweeten your drink to taste.