For lovers of vintage fashion, retro and for lovers of antiques, know that it is possible to leave your clothes with the tone of a true relic. The key to making the fabric look older is to dye it with homemade tea.Muslin and cotton fabrics and light colors such as white and beige are the most suitable for dyeing. The hue will vary depending on the type of tea, time and amount used. The more sachets used, the deeper the color reached by the fabrics.

Recipe to make clothes look old

Making clothes with a touch of craftsmanship is a simple technique. Learn how to use tea sachets to tone fabrics:

Before starting to dye, wash the fabrics that will be used. Try to dry them on a hot temperature (but don’t overdo it).

Heat 10 cups of water in a large pot until bubbles appear, but before it starts to boil. Turn off the fire.

Place approximately 14 tea sachets in a plastic bucket. Pour about half the water over them.

Put the fabric in the bucket and pour the other half of the hot water over it. Mix the infusion with a wooden spoon and let it stand for 20 minutes. The longer it stays still, the stronger the color.

Drain the tea from the bucket. Place the old towel along with the fabric in the dryer. Dry them at low temperature. The towel will absorb any excess dye.