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Lychee peel tea

by Dianna Leon

In China, one of the most consumed teas is the lychee peel , that red berry that tastes like grapes. This tea is used to fight diarrhea and dehydration, in addition to soothing sore throats caused by nerve damage and stopping coughing. Although the effectiveness of this tea has been empirically proven, science has not said anything too much about the medicinal properties of the lychee and its tea. Even though the efficiency of this fruit is not scientifically proven, many Brazilians are giving it time on their menus, as it is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

What are the benefits and properties of lychee?

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The berry of Chinese origin is rich in B-complex vitamins and also has ascorbic acid – or vitamin C – in its composition. These vitamins are responsible for preventing premature aging, as they are antioxidants, in addition to preventing the onset of inflammatory diseases, allergies, heart problems and even cancer. Other antioxidants found in lychee are: anthocyanins and cyanidin. The minerals present in the fruit are magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and, in particular, potassium. Precisely because it is so rich in potassium – which helps the kidney system, maintain body fluids, relax muscles and contract them – its consumption should be moderated by people who suffer from kidney disorders. The result of exaggeration in people like this could result in heart problems,

Don’t make a mistake in consumption!

If you suffer from a kidney problem or have a family history, you should see a nutritionist or your doctor, preferably, so that he can indicate the right amount of lychee for your case. The answer will depend on the degree of the disease or other factors being studied.

What is the tea for?

Test results on people who decided to drink the tea on their own indicate that skin rashes caused by smallpox can be fought with lychee tea. Another point for Chinese tea is for those who have diarrhea or intestinal pain.

How to make tea?

Choose some fruit rinds and put them to dry in the sun. Once dry, place in a cup and pour boiling water over the skins. Cover and leave to infuse for three minutes to be able to strain. Once you reach a pleasant temperature, sweeten the way you prefer* and drink. Never go beyond three cups a day as it can be quite harmful to the heart and other organs.

*Prefer to sweeten it with brown sugar or honey, so it won’t completely cut off the tea’s properties and will add more benefits .


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