Flu, colds, allergic attacks and irritations. All of these problems have one thing in common: a stuffy nose. This symptom is very common and bothers people who have it, because in addition to having compromised breathing, individuals have difficulties in smelling and even the taste of food. The nose becomes stuffy due to inflammation of the blood vessels, so the tissues lining the airways are irritated. Thus, there is nasal congestion that may or may not be accompanied by mucus.

The problem is so recurrent that it can affect anyone, from children to the elderly. For this reason, one should be aware of the clinical signs of this disorder, even if it is not such a serious case, a blocked nose is uncomfortable and can interfere a lot in daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to seek a doctor or opt for homemade treatments based on teas.

Teas that treat stuffy nose

1. Eucalyptus tea

Eucalyptus is known as the allied plant for lung health, so whatever the problem in the airways, this plant can be the way out. This is the case, for example, with a stuffy nose that is quickly eliminated with tea from this plant. To do this, just put a tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves in a container with a cup of water. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and, finally, let it steep for another five minutes. Then strain and, if desired, add honey or lemon. The amount of tea ingested will depend on the degree of blockage in the nose.

2. Ginger tea

When you have the flu, the “grandma’s recipe is ginger tea”, considering that it is a “shot and fall” in these cases. The root is used not only to treat throat problems, but all symptoms of those colds, including the stuffy nose. Therefore, boil a piece of ginger in two cups of water for 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain the drink and serve it with some lemon flavors, a fruit that enhances the treatment power of this tea.

3. cayenne pepper tea

With just a teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper and a cup of hot water, you can make a tea that will unclog your airways. That’s because the main ingredient in this drink has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can ease the irritation of the nasal tissues and even reduce mucus.

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