Anyone who enjoys drinking tea certainly enjoys the refreshing and mild flavor that green tea has. In addition to being tasty and delicate, this drink is related to several beneficial effects on the body, such as combating body swelling. However, some people find it bad to drink hot drinks in the heat, but the news is that this tea has an even more attractive version: iced green tea.Tasty, simple and beneficial, the cold version of green tea can be a hit on your friends’ circle or as a refreshing exit from the heat. In this article, you learn how to prepare it.

Benefits of this tea

The drink made with green tea has as its main benefit the aid in weight loss, considering that it can accelerate the metabolism and make the body lose localized fat, evidenced by the swelling in the belly. In addition, tea increases the mood of those who consume it, increasing energy, regulating the intestine, facilitating digestion and combating fluid retention.

It is also an ally to the healthy development of cells, delaying their premature aging. It acts as an antioxidant, fights cholesterol, heart disorders and prevents various diseases, including some types of cancer.

Iced Green Tea Recipe


  • Four green tea bags;
  • One liter of water;
  • The juice of an orange pear;
  • Crushed ice;
  • Orange slices.

Preparation method:

Even if the tea is iced, before it goes through the brewing process that some hot drinks need to go through. For this reason, bring the water to a boil and after it reaches the boiling state, turn off the heat and place the tea bags. Wait for 10 minutes to rest and then strain.

Put the mixture in a glass container and take it to the refrigerator. Meanwhile, in a glass jar, place the orange juice and a few slices to further flavor the drink, along with the ice. Pour the tea that was in the refrigerator in the other ingredients and if you prefer, sweeten. Consume the drink during the day and avoid night periods, as it can interfere with sleep.