Caused by the ingestion of food contaminated by invading microorganisms, such as bacteria, parasites and viruses, food poisoning is a very common health problem.

This is because these infectious agents are often present in raw meat, fish, chicken and can also spread to other items.

Thus, when a person eats contaminated food, he may have some symptoms from the intoxication, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, headache, fatigue, fever, etc. In severe cases, the doctor should be consulted.

However, in mild situations, the patient can seek an effective treatment in the ingestion of some teas.

Types of Teas to Eliminate Food Poisoning

apple tea

As a purifying drink, apple tea manages to eliminate toxins and waste from the body, including foods that cause discomfort.

For this reason, prepare a tea with a liter of water and 100 g of plant bark. Leave the ingredients on the fire and wait for five minutes. Then wait for it to cool and serve, without added sugar. The tip is to consume up to five cups a day.

Willow tea

Indicated to be ingested up to six times a day, this tea has important medicinal properties in combating food poisoning, such as its emollient and toning action.

In this way, prepare the drink with 50 g of willow flowers with a liter of water. After boiling the mixture for five minutes, turn off the heat, cover the container and wait for the infusion to be ready for 10 minutes.

Ginger tea

This root is indicated for those who have food poisoning, as it has properties capable of controlling vomiting and abdominal pain, two common symptoms of this problem.

Use a cup of water and a piece of ginger. Let it boil for five minutes, then cover the container and with the fire off, wait for another five minutes. Then just serve. However, the ideal is to repeat this process up to three times during the day.

mixed tea

If only a single plant has the ability to improve the clinical condition of an individual with food poisoning, imagine a mixture made with herbs that has decisive properties in this improvement.

This is the case of this type of treatment, which boils mint, chamomile, raspberry and blackberry leaves in water for approximately 10 minutes. After the specified time, just wait for it to cool down to consume. However, consumption cannot exceed three cups a day.