Who doesn’t want to have the strongest and prettiest hair? Most women, in addition to some men, dream of long, beautiful and strong hair, but we don’t always have healthy and safe options to make hair grow. Now can you imagine joining hair growing stronger and slimming? There is a tea recipe that can help. Check out:

Slimming tea for hair growth


– 1 grated carrot
– Half a lemon sliced
– 1 chopped apple
– 1 liter of water

Preparation mode:

Place the grated carrot, sliced ​​lemon, and seedless apple with the skin in a container and set aside. After that, put the water in another container and bring to the fire until it starts to boil. Then pour the boiling water over the other ingredients and cover. Leave until warm, strain the drink and consume throughout the day.

The fall of the wires

Another problem that plagues the lives of those who want to let their hair grow is hair loss, which usually happens up to 100 hairs daily, above that it is excessive. Notice if they are appearing all over the house and if there are any flaws in the scalp. If that happens, it’s important to see a dermatologist first, right?

This can have many causes, such as genetic predisposition, oiliness, skin diseases, anemia and even combing the hair when it is still wet. Avoid sleeping with wet hair, comb it after washing and improve your diet. Also, before trying any treatment at home, seek medical help.

Eat red meat, liver, dark green leafy vegetables, chicken, fish, among others, which are rich in iron and can strengthen the body. On the other hand, the habit of combing wet hair breaks more easily as it becomes more fragile. Towel dry and untangle using a wide-tooth comb. Washing your hair every day doesn’t hurt as everyone thinks, but hot water can help increase hair loss, which is more common in winter.

Pharmacy anti-hair loss shampoos can help with simpler falls, but nothing more dramatic and intense. Therefore, the treatment must be done by dermatologists, who usually recommend specific lotions, in addition to vitamin supplements such as iron, omega 3, magnesium, zinc, lycopene and black currant, which help to stimulate hair growth.