Anyone who has never cut their hair and regrets, cast the first stone! The fact is very common among women, who end up looking for ways to make their hair grow faster, often exposing themselves to treatments that may not be healthy at all.Mint is an aromatic herb that carries properties that make it very useful for medicinal and aesthetic purposes. Among its benefits is the stimulation of hair growth, little known by everyone.

With antiseptic properties, the plant helps to kill scalp bacteria, helping to provide a healthier environment for hair growth. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation through the scalp, which makes the roots receive more nutrients and, consequently, the hair grows faster and stronger too.

It can also help control hair dryness, regulate hair pH levels and also control oiliness.

How to use mint for hair growth?

Check out some recipes below that can help stimulate hair growth.

Infusion of mint leaves

The simple way is through the infusion:

– 2 cups of water

– 2 tablespoons of mint leaves

Heat the water and turn off the fire. Add the dried mint leaves to the water and cover, letting it rest until it becomes warm. Place the mixture in a container similar to the one used in snack bars for sauces, with thin applicators. Apply the tea directly to the scalp and massage gently during application. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair. Repeat the procedure four times a week. If brewed tea is left over, you can store it for a week, but no longer.

mint oil

Oil can be used as well, but it should never be applied directly, undiluted. You can dilute it in two very common ways: in shampoo or creams, or in avocado oil, another stimulant.

In the shampoo, add ten drops of mint oil for every two tablespoons and mix well. Use to wash your hair.

The other way is by mixing 15 ml of avocado oil with 6 drops of mint oil. Mix well and apply massaging the scalp. After 15 minutes, wash your hair normally.

Mint Hydration

In a pot, put two or three tablespoons of moisturizing cream that you normally use. Add 10 drops of mint oil and mix well. Wash your hair as usual. After that, take the mixture made with the cream and mint oil and apply it to the hair in locks, massaging the roots well. Then wait approximately 15 minutes and then rinse.