Did you overdo the end-of-the-year overeating? So how about learning how to make 6 teas to serve after the Christmas dinner ? From the benefits of some herbs, you will regain your well-being, in addition to speeding up the digestive process.

As you can see, poor digestion is one of the most recurrent problems in cases of this nature. However, it is worth noting that this problem can be caused due to lack of care with food or some particular condition.

It is also necessary a little attention for patients who choose to use one of the teas that will be presented below. This is because, even when it comes to natural ingredients, the patient has to take certain precautions. The good thing is to be aware of any changes in the body and seek medical advice if necessary.

After-Christmas teas

According to Daniela Lima, a pharmacist at the University of São Paulo (USP) and resident in integrative practices at the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo, in an interview on the UOL website, there are some ways for the tea to take effect.

Although many have digestive properties, such as flavonoids and substances with specific action, “the ideal is to wait an hour after eating to drink , as some studies show that tea can inhibit the absorption of some nutrients”.

After knowing that teas can be the solution to make your well-being resume, even after overdoing your Christmas dinner, now it’s time to get to know all the teas that can be used:

  • Boldo tea from Chile
  • Ginger tea
  • chamomile tea
  • Espheira-santa tea
  • mint tea
  • rooibos tea

Now you will have the opportunity to know why these teas help after Christmas dinner. Ah! It’s important to highlight that, in addition to the properties, you’ll also get to know the step- by- step instructions for preparing each of the drinks.

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Boldo tea from Chile

The Boldo Tea from Chile is Ideal for those who went too far with their Christmas dinner. The herb has the power to treat digestive infections and other disorders of the digestive system . It also treats gas and helps that lazy bowel function.

To prepare the tea, you will use 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon (dessert) of boldo Chile leaves. Mix the two ingredients together and let it sit for five minutes. After this time, remove the leaves and drink the tea without sweetening.

Ginger tea

Ginger is a natural ingredient that can be used to combat various types of irritation and inflammation throughout the body. In that sense, it also serves to combat stomach problems such as reflux and heartburn .

To prepare the drink, just bring 400 ml of water and 1 piece of ginger to a boil. Bring the water to a boil for five minutes, turn off the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes. Remove the ginger and eat it without sweetening.

chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has many properties when it comes to solving health-related problems. Due to its calming action, it also has the power to fight stomach upsets and aid digestion.

The infusion can be prepared using 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile. Let the mixture sit for five minutes, use a sieve to remove the herb and then drink it.

Espheira-santa tea

Espheira-santa is a plant that can be used to improve digestion . This way, she can avoid common problems like heartburn, burning, poor digestion, gastritis and stomach pain.

Espheira-santa tea is prepared using 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of espinheira-santa. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes, then strain and drink without adding sugar.

mint tea

Known for its freshness, mint tea still carries digestive properties. As such, it’s ideal for someone who was heavy at Christmas dinner and is now feeling stuffed.

To prepare the drink you will need 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of mint leaves. Add the two ingredients and let stand for 10 minutes. After this time, remove the mint leaves and drink the tea without sweetening.

rooibos tea

Despite being unknown to many people, rooibos tea is the ideal solution for those who went too far with their Christmas dinner. Known as red tea, rooibos has digestive properties . Depending on the combination, it can also be served with dessert.

In preparing the drink you will use 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of rooibos. Mix the two ingredients together and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, remove the rooibos and drink the tea.

which teas to avoid

While there are those teas that are more than recommended when digestive problems are identified from overeating, there are also those that should be avoided.

This happens precisely because it increases the inconvenience . In order not to make mistakes and think that drinking won’t do you any harm, it’s worth consulting your doctor. Each person has a unique way of reacting to the effects of herbs. So it’s good to stay tuned!

Teas for those who drink too much

If instead of eating the Christmas dinner, your exaggeration was at another point, in this case, in the drink, the teas can also contribute to regaining your well-being. Pay attention to some tips regarding this topic!

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hangover , well known by those who exaggerate alcohol intake, can bring some unpleasant sensation to the person. Among the most common are headache, nausea, diarrhea and bad mood.

A very practical measure to avoid a hangover is to drink alcohol in moderation. If this determination was not possible to be followed, you can resort to some homemade recipes.

In the case of a hangover, a welcome tea is one that helps the liver to recover in some way. Added to this, it is good to reinforce the intake of water, as it helps to eliminate toxins through the urine.

See which teas will help cure a hangover:

  • hibiscus tea
  • dandelion tea
  • green tea

These herbs have a diuretic effect, which will help to eliminate alcohol from the body. That way you will soon regain your well-being. Now, see how to prepare these teas:

hibiscus tea

To prepare these teas, you will need 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of hibiscus. Mix the two ingredients in a cup and let it sit for five minutes, use a sieve to remove the herb and drink it without sweetening.

dandelion tea

This tea is easily prepared with 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dandelion herb. Mix the two ingredients in a cup and let it sit for five minutes, use a sieve to remove the herb and drink it without sweetening.

green tea

Widely prepared consumed, green tea is easily using 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of green tea herb. Mix the two ingredients in a cup and let it sit for five minutes.

what is poor digestion

As the name suggests, poor digestion is a gastric problem caused by food issues. In most cases, eating too quickly, drinking too much fluid during meals, or overindulging in fatty foods.

This is very common in the Christmas dinner, since the foods that are served on the menu are fatty and heavy, especially when consumed at night, just before bedtime.

Depending on the amount consumed, the person may feel a little unwell. Usually this problem causes a series of symptoms in the patient, symptoms that generate some discomfort .

See what are the main symptoms of my digestion:

  • Belching (belching)
  • Feeling of full stomach
  • Gases
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal pain
  • Drowsiness after meals
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Thus, the most common way to treat problems of this nature is to promote a change in habits in your daily life. But as it is a specific problem, caused by the excess of heavy food , it should not stretch.

However, if you find that your symptoms are persisting, don’t think twice about seeing a doctor. Depending on the severity of the poor digestion, the condition can be associated with other health problems.

Among the main ones, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome or gastroenteritis stand out. These are just some of the more serious problems that can result from poor digestion. But each patient can present a different picture.

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is a stomach-related problem that causes abdominal discomfort in patients. Burning usually appears as one of the main symptoms of heartburn. This is a picture that can also be identified due to the excesses at Christmas.

Heartburn occurs when the valves in the stomach do not remain completely closed after the passage of food. In this way, gastric juices reach the esophagus, which causes a burning or burning sensation.

In addition to burning, gas, nausea, abdominal distension, difficulty breathing and a bitter taste in the mouth and throat can cause discomfort in patients.

The cause of heartburn can be associated with many things, however, food is the main one. Therefore, foods such as fried foods , dairy foods , coffee , carbonated and alcoholic beverages and fatty foods are not indicated.

Some medications can also cause heartburn, in addition to components present in cigarettes. That’s why it’s so important to see a doctor if symptoms persist.

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The gastronomic exaggerations

From reading this article, you’ve seen that, no matter how appetizing a food may be, the good thing is to enjoy it in moderation. In addition to preventing weight gain, you will also maintain your well-being.

However, for those who couldn’t resist the delights and now have problems with their digestive system, investing in teas such as boldo de Chile, ginger, chamomile, espinheira-santa, mint and rooibos will help resolve the impasse.