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Teas for the treatment of gall stones

by Dianna Leon

The gallbladder is an organ that measures approximately between 7 and 10 cm, with a pear shape, used by the digestive system, and whose function is to store about 50 ml of bile, which is produced in the liver and which will be released when the food enters in the digestive system. Bile is a mixture of several substances, including cholesterol, which is the villain in most cases of formation of small stones that are stored in the gallbladder, causing no harm to the body. However, when these pebbles move towards the bile duct, they end up getting stuck and obstructing the passage of bile, thus forming what we know as gallstones or popularly as gallstones .


Some cases of gallstones may be asymptomatic. However, one of the main symptoms of a patient with gall stones is the severe pain that manifests itself in the rib area, more precisely on the right side of the body and usually appears about half an hour after meals and after reaching a very strong level it decreases. then. Fever, vomiting and nausea should also be noted. Generally, people with diabetes, sickle cell anemia, liver cirrhosis, who are sedentary and who spend a lot of time without eating are a risk group for developing the disease. Drug users, obese people and pregnant women are also prone to the accumulation of gall stones, pregnant women because of the increase in estrogen in their body. Some tips are invaluable for preventing the disease, such as:

  • drop the cigarette
  • practice physical exercises
  • Adhere to fiber consumption and avoid fatty foods
  • Maintain the ideal weight for your physical type, thus decreasing the level of LDL in the body, the bad cholesterol.

Natural Remedies Treatments

Some teas can help fight this disease, which is becoming more and more common among Brazilians.

  • Pineapple peel tea : Mix the desired amount in the water and let it boil for a short time. This tea has no contraindications and is an excellent ally in the fight against colic.
  • Burdock tea: With the amount of one cup of water, mix the root burdock and bring the fire, letting the mixture boil for a maximum time of 5 minutes. Consume the tea twice a day for it to take effect.
  • Avocado leaf tea, verbena tea and chile boldo : Both are widely used not only for the elimination of gall stones, but also for the treatment of the organ as a whole.
  • Pine needle tea: Tea breaks down gall stones in a natural way.

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