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Teas with healing powers

by Dianna Leon

Several times in life we ​​are affected with wounds and cuts that leave unwanted scars on the skin. Nowadays there are several aesthetic treatments that help to alleviate these marks, however, dermatological treatments weigh heavily in the pocket and not everyone has access to such procedures. We came then with the intention of presenting you alternative methods that promise to help heal such cuts faster, in a cheap, simple and totally healthy way, preventing more visible and deeper injuries, helping in the individual’s self-esteem.

Arruda: powerful healing

The rue is not a plant that only serves to scare off evil eye. It is also a powerful healing agent with varied benefits, being used internally and externally. Externally, its dry leaves can be crushed and superimposed on the area to be treated. Internally, it is recommended that the following recipe be made:

INFUSION (the act of adding boiling water to a container in which the leaves are deposited): From 2g to 3g of dried leaves per liter of boiling water. Take two cups a day.

Carobinha: Brazilian tree

The carobinhaIt is a Brazilian plant originally native states such as Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul. In addition to being used in civilian and carpentry buildings, it is also a strong ally of alternative medicine. For healing functions, treating skin conditions and wounds, proceed as follows:

Bring a liter of water to the fire and, when it comes to a boil, add two tablespoons of carobinha leaves. Leave the mixture to rest until the leaf is well in the water. Drink three cups a day.

Aloe Vera: the popular “slug”

It is constantly used in skin treatments due to its strong power against bacteria and for being a great scarring agent and acting as a cell regenerator.

In cases of burns or skin lesions, aloe comes first when it comes to alternative treatment.

– Open two sheets, in order to follow the length, and remove all the pulp there is. The pulp is then mixed with a liter of water and a spoon of honey. Ingest as many times as you prefer a day.

Guaçatonga: Used by the indigenous

Plant widely used by indigenous wisdom, found in a large part of Brazil (its cultivation goes from Bahia to Rio Grande do Sul). It has a great healing property.

– Infusion: Add a tablespoon (about ten grams) of guaçatonga leaves to 200ml of boiling water. Leave in a state of rest. Drink the amount of two cups a day.

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