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Teas that relieve PMS symptoms

by Dianna Leon

Many women suffer a lot each month from the negative effects of PMS. Stress, pain, irritability, nervousness among all other symptoms are effects that can damage relationships with family, friends and even business. This is all caused by unregulated hormones that cause all these unpleasant reactions in the female body.

Symptoms of Premenstrual Tension

Among the most common symptoms of premenstrual tension are severe headaches, irritability, breast pain, body aches, cramps, discouragement, depression, bloating, insomnia, exaggerated sleepiness, unregulated appetite – for more or less -, anxiety and desperate urge to eat sweets.

Some of the patients with the syndrome, due to the symptoms, need to seek help from medical treatments and medications to reduce the effects. But those who suffer from this problem can still find help in some natural treatments.

Natural Methods to Relieve PMS Symptoms

There are some herbs that, when brewed as a tea, can help relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life for women and those around you during this time. Consume lots of fruit during this period, in addition to at least two liters of water a day. Avoid foods with caffeine, salt and fat during your period.

Exercising can also help, as it releases endorphins that are responsible for bringing a feeling of well-being. Chocolate, despite being much desired by many women during this period, should be avoided, because after the sensation of momentary pleasure it can trigger depression.

In addition, try to consume diuretic teas, as these can be used by all women and thus will provide relief from symptoms, in addition to alleviating the swelling caused by menstruation. Another thing that can help relieve swelling, one of the symptoms, is flaxseed.


Soothing teas such as chamomile and fennel, for example, are excellent options for this period, as they have calming properties and will help reduce sensitivity and irritability. Chamomile, in addition, is used to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

Vitex agnus castus tea is made with leaves of a tree that has properties that soften hormonal spikes. In addition, other teas have beneficial properties to eliminate symptoms: red tea, nettle, dandelion and green tea.

Women who get chills before their menstrual period can drink hot ginger tea. But beware: licorice tea – red – or nettle tea should be consumed with caution, as large amounts can increase menstrual flow.

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