There are several health and emotional problems that can interfere with the female fertile period and, consequently, make pregnancy difficult. Therefore, there are several treatments available in order to solve these difficulties faced by some women. In addition to conventional methods, there are natural options to facilitate pregnancy, taking into account that the reasons that led to infertility will also be treated. In other words, these homemade drinks will eliminate the disturbances that are responsible for the lack of the fertile period.

5 teas to improve women’s fertility

nettle tea

Women may find it difficult to get pregnant due to possible inflammation in the reproductive system. In view of this disorder, a great ally of the patient would be nettle tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, it helps the woman who wants to get pregnant to fix the embryo and, consequently, facilitates pregnancy.

Cat’s nail tea and yellow uxi

Both herbs in this recipe are recommended for women who want to be mothers, but end up encountering some difficulties related to their health conditions. This is due to the fact that the cat’s claw plant is anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, while the yellow uxi can treat fibroids and a condition called polycystic uterus syndrome. Together, the herbs are able to improve female fertility.

dandelion tea

Known for its blood circulation stimulating action, dandelion tea favors pregnancy, as it improves the irrigation of the lower abdomen and, later ends up providing more blood for ovulation to occur. It is also indicated for women who have a thinner inner layer of the uterus, acting to modify this condition and helping to fix the fertilized egg.

sarsaparilla tea

The unregulated menstrual cycle, the lack of production of female hormones and the lack of libido can be potential reasons that justify the difficulties some women face in getting pregnant. A natural and homemade way to remedy these disorders is to consume sarsaparilla tea, an herb that has medicinal properties appropriate for these cases. In addition, it can even be used as an aphrodisiac drink for males.

yam tea

This tea is ideal for those who want to lose weight, but it is also a good outlet for patients who want to get pregnant. This benefit is possible due to the production of the female hormone, estrogen. In addition, it increases the libido of patients and also favors the formation of follicles, elements capable of protecting eggs.