When it comes to fearful stomach burns, many people will report some uncomfortable situation that they have gone through. Whether because they ate some food that did not go well, or even as a result of their own gastritis, the fact is that no one wants to go through this, or even lose the pleasure of doing something on their behalf. But, the solution to remedy the problem may be closer than you think, with the help of the natural benefits contained in some substances extracted from nature.The problem can be caused by the ingestion of fatty foods, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, and spicy foods. Usually, after enjoying all this, the body starts to show some signs that it is not well. The first one is heartburn. The discomfort is characterized by burning and burning without pause, caused by the contact of gastric juice with the end of the esophagus. Heartburn can be caused by several factors, but most cases are always blamed on poor diet.

How To Deal With Stomach Burning

As mentioned before, nature is responsible for a range of opportunities to treat the most varied diseases that can affect human beings. And, heartburn, or burning in the stomach is one of them. For this, the recipe is very simple. From the combination of ingredients, the result will be some teas that are “shot and fall” in solving the problem. What’s more, the recipes are very simple and the ingredients are accessible to anyone.

Know the recipes

From a brief survey, discover the most suitable teas to treat heartburn or stomach burning:

ginger tea

Add a cup of water and a teaspoon of chopped ginger and cook for ten minutes. Strain and drink. Take three times a day. Avoid if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure.

Ginger root not only releases gas, it reduces stomach irritation.

dandelion tea

The infusion is made with a tablespoon to half a liter of water. After letting it cool, strain and you can ingest. The recommendation is the consumption of tea three times a day.

Fennel tea

For every 250 ml of water you should use teaspoon of fennel seeds. The next step is to bring the fire and boil for two minutes. Strain and drink normally.

mint tea

In a cup place three mint leaves and pour previously boiled water. Let stand for five minutes and drink. For those who prefer, you can add brown sugar or honey to reduce the bitter taste.

Mint relaxes stomach muscles, and relieves gas and cramps.

lemon balm tea

Use one liter of water for eight leaves of lemon balm. With the help of a pan, boil the water and add the leaves. Cover and keep muffled for ten minutes. Drink it sweetened with honey if you prefer.