The name “salvia officinalis” comes from the Latin salvae,  meaning “to be saved”. This plant has several medicinal virtues and is of enormous benefit to human health. Because it contains essential oil, flavonoids, bitter principles and tannins, sage, as it is also known, is digestive, antiseptic, aromatic and an ally of beauty and women.

Salvia-based treatments

Salvia is a great agent for intestinal problems, as it stimulates bile, reduces gas build-up, and soothes bad abdominal cramps. It is also a strong ally to eliminate problems in the airways, as they are responsible for a deep cleaning of these channels, ending smokers’ coughs, flu, colds and itchy throat. Not to mention its power against mouth sores and gingivitis, a disease characterized by inflammation in the gums.

The treatment made with the herb helps people who suffer from the action of uric acid, those who have kidney stones and even those who have rheumatism. Decrease swelling, bleeding and ulcers. It combats the appearance of kidney stones, improves memory and sharpens the senses, as well as acting to strengthen the nervous system.

Salvia making life easier for women

This plant has in its composition a substance called phytoestrogen, which can exert a similar function to estrogen (female hormone). Thus, salvia has the ability to alleviate the typical symptoms of menopause that so bother women who are in this phase. In addition, it combats aging and the appearance of wrinkles, tones and gives shine to the hair and can even be used successfully in the treatment of oily skin.

Women who also suffer from anxiety, nervousness, worry, and ongoing stress can rely on salvia to alleviate these problems. And best of all, it helps to regulate menstrual cramps, control premenstrual tension, the famous PMS, and even prevent bleeding during this period experienced by thousands of women.

How to prepare the salvia infusion?

Tea made with this herb can be drunk or made to gargle. In addition, it can also be used as a poultice in wounds caused by insect bites. If you want an efficient drink to treat and prevent diseases, it is necessary to prepare a liquid by mixing two spoons of the plant’s leaves and a liter of water. Bring the ingredients to a boil, cover them and simmer for approximately 10 minutes. Then just wait for it to cool down and drink. It is recommended to take it twice a day.

If the intention is to gargle and eliminate the gingivitis once and for all, repeat the tea process and it will be effective. Another possibility is to use the dried salvia leaves directly on the gums, rubbing the plant in the inflamed areas.

The only contraindication is the oral use of the tea made with the herb by pregnant women or during feeding periods. And always remember to see a doctor if your health is not normal. Expert opinion and evaluation is important to identify certain diseases.