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Watermelon Seed Tea

by Dianna Leon

With natural treatments increasingly on the rise, it is essential to keep informed of the properties and benefits that the fruits within our reach can offer us.

Watermelon is a very common fruit on the Brazilian table, consumed in its natural form or often in the form of juice. In addition to being very tasty, it is low in calories (having from 30 to 32 calories for each 100 gram serving) and has a percentage of 90% water in its composition, acting as a natural moisturizer (Great option for the increasingly hot summer). This fruit acts as an antioxidant thanks to the large amount of lycopene, a carotenoid that makes it an ally in cancer prevention.

The most used part of the fruit is in most situations its pulp, but what few people know is that watermelon seeds can also be used and are beneficial to health when used in the form of tea, for example.

Watermelon Seed Tea

The tea is indicated for those who suffer from hypertension problems , as it contains vasodilator substances, which facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, in addition to eliminating the undesirable problem of fluid retention, which is often responsible for the unpleasant sensation of swelling.

Other indications of this tea:

  • sexual impotence;
  • Circulation problems.

how to make tea

To make watermelon seed tea is simple, you will need:

– 2 scoops of seeds (already dehydrated overnight)

– ½ liter of water

Heat the water until it comes to a boil and then add the seeds, keeping the container from there on until the tea gets a milder temperature. It is important that the tea is fresh, that is, it must be made on the day it is consumed to ensure that it takes full advantage of all its properties.

The tea from watermelon seeds can be consumed several times a day always in small quantities. However, it is noteworthy that home remedies cannot replace the treatments indicated by the doctor, they only serve as an alternative source.

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